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In just 12 weeks you could be in a respected career where you are excited to go to work!

At Academy of Dental Careers, we are proud to offer the highest standard of education in a fully functioning dental facility. We are well known among the dental community and our students receive an abundance of practical hands on training. Where you go to Dental Assistant School is important. Choosing the right school will greatly impact your success and ability to find employment in your new career. Where you choose to go to Dental Assistant School is important.

By choosing to attend Academy of Dental Careers, you are choosing a Dental Assistant Program that focuses on the knowledge and skills that will make you a valuable dental professional while accelerating your advancement in this exciting career.

We are proud to meet the needs for students in Salt Lake City, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada who are looking for a Dental Assistant School that offers the highest standard of education.

Most students ask us, “What does a Dental Assistant do?” Being a Dental Assistant is a well respected profession that can be very rewarding! As a Chairside Dental Assistant you will assist the dentist in preparing clinical rooms for treatment, passing instruments, preparing materials, taking radiographs, performing various lab techniques, ensuring patient comfort, and performing sterilization while ensuring all infection control measures are met.

Our Dental Assistant Program also includes the training necessary for you to fulfill the role as an Expanded Function Dental Assistant. As an Expanded Function Dental Assistant you will be able to complete more responsibilities independent from the dentist including; packing cord, placing rubber dams, placing tofflemiers, placing dental sealants, and making temporary crowns!

Another important role of a Dental Assistant is being able to complete clinical responsibilities in the computer program used by your employer. The most common computer program used by dentists in Utah and Nevada is Dentrix which we are proud to include training on as part of our Dental Assistant Program.

The final question most students ask is, “Do you provide career placement assistance?” And our answer is, “Yes!” We actively assist our students in their career placement. We help every student create a resume that highlights their experience and knowledge in the dental field. Our network within the dental community often leads to dental practices contacting us first when they need to hire new employees. We provide our students with these inside leads along with information on dental practices in the are that are hiring. Not only do we help our students create effective resumes, we prepare our students to successfully answer common interview questions, and make a lasting first impression.

“Many times at the end of our class students will come up and say, ‘I never thought learning and gaining an education could be so much fun.’ They learn how to go right into a dental office and become part of a dental team and all because their training at Academy of Dental Careers.” – Robert Boyer, DDS

We invite you to enroll at Academy of Dental Careers and get the training you need to get a career you love.

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*Academy of Dental Careers, Inc. legally cannot guarantee employment or these wages.