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Dental Assistants are Sidekicks for Dentists

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Doctor Watson, Robin, Tonto, Kato, and Scotty Pippen. What do all these greats have in common? They all were the ultimate sidekicks. Through thick and thin they saved the day, working with the main hero of their stories. The origin of the term “sidekick” is unknown. It was originally “side kicker”, having grown from the 1850s term “side partner.” Contrary to popular folk etymology, it is unrelated to the early-20th century British pickpocket slang “kick,” referring to a trouser pocket. (via Wikipedia)

Sidekicks are also know as foils in literature. In fiction, a foil is a character who contrasts with another character (usually the protagonist) in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character. The word foil comes from the old practice of backing gems with foil in order to make them shine more brightly. Another place where foil is used is in the book Tom Sawyer, where the characters Huck and Sid are two prominent foils.

Sidekicks often are the key to a hero’s success. Supplying them with the skills, knowledge, or point of view that the hero lacks. Let’s take Pippen for example. Pippen simply stands as sports’ most consummate sidekick. He was the perfect complement to Jordan during their run of six titles in eight seasons during the ’90s. When Jordan needed to dominate a game, Pippen got out of the way. He stands as one of the best defenders ever. He was versatile enough as a scorer to compliment Jordan, but could also take over a game if needed to. Pippen could have been a great player on another team, but with Jordan, he was part of the unstoppable Bulls.

Or let us examine Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Sam did everything he could to help Frodo succeed in his quest. When Frodo failed, or made a mistake, Sam was there to fix it. Tolkien called Sam the “chief hero” of the saga in one of his letters about Lord of the Rings. Without Sam, the quest to save Middle Earth would have failed.

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And as it turns out, dental assistants are the hero sidekicks of the dentistry world. There is no way a dentist could be as effective or see as many patients without his assistants. I fact dental assistants might be the most important part of the whole operation. Dental assistants provide more efficient dental treatment, by preparing the patient for treatment, sterilizing instruments, passing instruments during the procedure, holding a suction device, exposing dental radio-graphs, taking impressions, and fabricating provisional crowns. Dental operators can focus more time on the procedure, the dental assistant then effectively becomes the operator’s extra hands. Dental assistants help the dentist to remember important points, and form a more personal connection with the dentists patients. Just like Frodo and Michael Jordan would have failed without their sidekicks, a dentist with no dental assistants would fail as well.

And luckily while Robin had to train his whole life to become Batman’s sidekick, a dental assistant degree can be had in just 12 weeks.

Smile for Miles

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Giving back to the community is a high priority at Academy of Dental Careers.  We believe in helping those within our community and know that participating in service helps students gain valuable skills while becoming well-rounded dental professionals.  For this reason we have allocated the resources needed to facilitate and host 6 service projects a year!  We have a wonderful Project Coordinator, Gilary, who works with the students in planning and executing service projects throughout the community. Read More

Student Interview

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Have you ever wondered, what is the difference is between an 8+ month Dental Assistant Program and the 3-month Dental Assistant Program offered at Academy of Dental Careers?  How is Academy of Dental Careers able to provide such a wonderful program in such a short amount of time? Or maybe you have wondered why an externship is so important or what it is like finding employment after graduating? Read More